The  facility at Neosho, Missouri  was originally owned by the United States Government (designated Air Force Plant No. 65) and operated by the Rocketdyne division of North American Aviation. It opened in late 1956 as the first plant to be built solely for the production of  liquid rocket engines.

Employing approximately 1,250 workers, the plant produced MA-5 booster, sustainer and vernier rocket engines, H-1 engines and components for the F-1 and J-2 rocket engines. Rocket engines and components were tested at an on-site test area located approximately one mile from the manufacturing plant.

Beginning in 1968, the plant’s use changed to manufacturing and testing jet airplane engines and testing and refurbishing used jet airplane engines.

The plant is located at 3551 Doniphan Drive, Neosho, Missouri.

The maximum rocket engine production rate of 29 units per month at Neoshop was reached in November 1961. Photo undated.

The rocket engine and component testing area featured two test stands, each having two test positions. Photo dated July 1958.

The stands were used mainly for the testing of the liquid rocket engines produced at the site. Additional testing supported research and development activities. Photo dated July 1958.


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